What is GodSend?

Godsend is for people:

  • Who want to follow the Great Commandment to love others, or
  • Who are inspired by the Great Commission to make disciples, or
  • Who want to connect worship on Sunday with life on Monday, or
  • Who want to follow Jesus ‘in life’ with one or more Christian friends, not on their own, or
  • Who want to give more focus and direction to their walk with Jesus, or
  • Who want to see progress in their discipleship, or
  • Who long for a combination of these.

Godsend is a mini encyclopaedia to plunder. It’s not a resource to access only once.

It’s a ‘How?’ resource to keep by you, and to inspire creative thinking when you are asking, ‘What next?’

It is not a just-in-case manual – you watch the whole thing through in case you need the information.

It’s a just-in-time prayer catalyst. You turn to it when you are wondering, ‘What happens now?’

It contains a wealth of practical wisdom, culled from the experiences of hundreds of people.

It’s a tiny bit like the Bible’s wisdom literature, which was inspired by God but drawn from the best practices of Israel’s neighbours.

Godsend is God-Sent for those of us trying to cultivate new Christian communities in a changed world.

So, if you want to discover some best practice for being a Christian, not to slavishly copy but to inspire you, Godsend is for you!

Why not discuss chapters with a friend (or more), and invite God to guide you?

*adapted from the foreword of the book and was written by Michael Adam Beck who is a pastor, professor, author, and Director of Fresh Expressions for The United Methodist Church. To learn more about Michael, visit: www.michaeladambeck.com

Who is Mike Moynagh?

Revd Dr Michael Moynagh is a nationally recognised missiologist. He is a minister within the Fresh Expressions stream of Anglicanism, in which he serves as Director of Network Development and Consultant on Theology and Practice.

Mike is the Adjunct Lecturer in missiology and fresh expressions at Cliff College

He is also an associate tutor at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, and a senior research fellow with Career Innovation. He has authored various seminal texts within the Fresh Expressions and mission-shaped church movements.


Who/What is Fresh Expressions

Fresh Expressions is a movement of Mission shaped people. 

Our mission is to connect/network/call/equip ordinary people to form new Christian communities with our extraordinary God.

We’re a band of misfits, visionaries, prophets, evangelists and creative entrepreneurs who can see what isn’t there and have the grit and faith to go out, listen, love, serve, tell people about Jesus and work with their new communities to create a new and authentic expression of church that makes sense to them.

 You can find aout more about us on our main website:


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